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Program Philosophy

We are a student success program. We believe through the game of football we can affect our athletes, parents, school, and community in a positive and meaningful way. We do not exclude anyone and create an environment where every child is welcome regardless of background, socioeconomic status, religious belief, or size and shape. Your athlete’s health and safety are and will always be our top priority. We conduct training and use a best practice approach to how we can keep athletes safe. Our coaching staff holds young people to high standards and will encourage and motivate our athletes to give a maximum effort in order reach their full potential as student-athletes and people. We PROMOTE, support, and train our athletes to be multiple sports athletes and to pursue any activity that promotes personal growth outside of football.

As student athletes, players are given opportunities to work with in the community, as Football ambassadors, helping improve our communities and the lives of others around us. These work opportunities develop self confidence, cultivate leadership traits and improve communication skills that carry over in everyday life. These abilities not only foster a healthy self esteem atmosphere for today’s high school athletes,  but help our athletes transition from student athletes to well rounded young men and exceptional brothers, sons, husbands and fathers throughout their lives! It takes a village of people working the same direction to raise children in today’s society.

We Are a Student Success Program!


Coach's Wish List
Sideline Capes: $2,500
Playing football this spring will be very cold and wet. We will potentially have to do our half times outside. We would love to keep morale high this year and everybody warm. These will be handy in years to come during the playoffs  Sideline Capes

Sky Coach Sideline replay: $1,500
This ingame sideline replay system helps coach and player make in game adjustments. This is a yearly subscription we currently have all hardwear all and all equipment needed. The district does not pay for this item

Hudl: $2,500
Hudl provides us will the ability to watch film with our players. This also gives us the ability to exchange film at the click of a button. One of the great features is that it gives players the ability to produce highlights for recruiting purposes. So college coaches can look a player up and watch his film instantly instead of waiting for a coach to send a DVD. The district does not pay for this item.

Crowther Combo Sled: $2,500
This sled is specially designed for lineman to learn a combination block technique. It has a specially designed roll pan on the bottom that turns when the technique is done incorrectly. This takes lineman from good to great quickly. Every NFL team and successful college team has this specific tool. Rae Crowther Combo Sled 

Virtual tutoring program: $1500
Last year we paid for our players to have access to in person Math/Science tutoring. We would still like to provide this service. It will probably have to be virtual this year.

Sponsor a team meal: $500
Food and football go hand in hand. Purchase a catered meal for the football program

2019 Season Recap

Next Varsity Game

We continue to be hopeful that we will return to the field this spring. Stay safe and healthy!

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